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The National Professional Credentialing Association (NPCA) is a prestigious organization dedicated to setting standards, providing resources, and promoting excellence in professional certification/credentialing across various industries.

Our Mission

NPCA’s mission is to uphold the integrity and credibility of professional certifications by establishing rigorous standards, fostering collaboration among credentialing bodies, and advocating for continuous improvement in certification/credentialing practices.


  1. Setting Standards: NPCA works collaboratively with industry experts, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders to develop and maintain comprehensive standards for professional certification/credentialing programs. These standards encompass areas such as competency assessment, ethical conduct and continuing education requirements.
  2. Professional Development: NPCA offers a wide range of resources, including training programs, workshops, and educational materials, to support the ongoing professional development of individuals seeking certification and credentialing professionals.
  3. Advocacy and Recognition: NPCA advocates for the recognition and value of professional certifications within industries, government agencies, and the broader community. By highlighting the benefits of certification/credentialing, NPCA aims to enhance career opportunities, promote organizational excellence, and ensure consumer protection.
  4. Research and Innovation: NPCA promotes research and innovation in the field of certification/credentialing to identify emerging trends, best practices, and areas for improvement. Through collaborative research initiatives and partnerships with academic institutions, NPCA contributes to the advancement of credentialing practices nationwide.
  5. Networking and Collaboration: NPCA facilitates networking opportunities and collaboration among certification/credentialing professionals, industry leaders, and other stakeholders. By fostering an environment of knowledge exchange and cooperation, NPCA encourages the sharing of expertise and the development of innovative solutions to common challenges.


Membership in NPCA is open to credentialing organizations, individual professionals, industry professionals, educators, and other stakeholders committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in credentialing.

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